Grant Writing

Your grants. Written by us.

You need money to drive your business forward.

Especially when you’re on the cusp of doing something exceptional.

Unfortunately, many of your chances to secure the funding you need are hidden behind a sturdy wall of “due process”.

Breaking through can be a long and arduous activity. It puts many off before they’ve even started.

But you could speak to us. We’ve been doing this successfully for decades.

We’ll take the time to learn what funding options are best suited to your situation. Then, our grant writing team will work with you to produce high-quality, winning proposals.

We support research and innovation across every sector. Whether you’re a business, a university, a research institution, or a public body. We’ll help you obtain the funding you need for development.

Our grant writing experience includes writing winning bids for H2020, ESA, DTIF, and many local and regional funds – including REDF, RRDF and URDF.

We can support your bespoke funding roadmap and strategy, identifying the most appropriate calls for you to target, right through to full development of your written proposals.

Our team of writers, financial managers and education specialists will support each step of your application process, from idea to grant acceptance.

We know a thing or two about successful proposals.

Get in touch and let our team work for you.